Retaining / Withholding of Faculty or Students Documents By Any AICTE Approved Institution in India is Offensive

Many AICTE Approved institutions have taken money from students and faculties for various reasons. One major concern for many students during quitting course or changing the college during the course. Since students did not have complete information regarding this issue, management were asking to compensate money for the complete course. This issue is brought to AICTE notice, and they have released very important circular.

The circular will help to understand

  • Should a student pay the whole course fee, if they quit between the course?
  • Should a student pay the whole course fee, if they wish to change college?
  • Should student hand over their original documents to college till course completion?
  • Should faculties submit their originals till they are released from the duties?
  • Should faculties pay 2 or 3 months salary as compensation?
  • Should management be permitted to collect money from students or faculties during discontinuation of relationship with the employer?


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